What I Said

Dress right for your body type, they said.

Large women should wear large prints, small women should wear small prints, they said.

Don’t wear skin-tight clothes, they said. Continue reading

On the 4th Day of Christmas (One of) My Love(s) Gave to Me – a Cold

So, I decided to spend nap time remembering the time I cut up my family’s clothes to make them Christmas gifts.

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A Linguistic, Antropological Study of “Goin Out’ for the Nerd in All of Us

In my work as a freelance anthropologist (yes, I just gave myself that title), I’ve discovered an interesting phenomenon that people refer to as ‘goin out’.

**Note: it’s a social blunder to pronounce the ‘g’ at the end of ‘going’ when using the word in this context. You’ll be ousted as a person-who-doesn’t-get-out-much. It’s probably also a blunder to use blunder. You’ll immediately be identified as someone who is clearly not with it. ** Continue reading

The Conspiracy Theorist’s Guide To Jeggings (Hint: Pay Attention!)

When I started working on these jeggings, Portland was going through a heat wave. Portland gets warm enough in the summer that one could prove buying a window air conditioning unit. It’s just that I have this pride in survival. I hear critiques that we Americans impose our will on the environment rather than living with nature. I have romantic notions about living seasonally and adjusting my lifestyle to the weather and not artificially imposing conditions that are acceptable to me. Continue reading

My Favorite ‘Ism’

I love Portland for its wealth of unique social gatherings. I’ve been to storytelling events, publicly hosted interfaith discussions, gluten-free fairs, an Irish music sing-along, a chocolate tasting and plenty of wine tastings. Some were better than others (I love Irish music but there’s a culture of Irish music that’s hard to recreate).

A while back, I attended a word tasting. The theme was minimalism and people shared stories of their conversion. Continue reading