Monthly Archives: September 2015

Tedious Creativity and a T-Shirt Quilt

This past week I heard Elizabeth Gilbert on OPB discussing her latest book, Big Magic. The book is a composite of her advice for creative living and  will be filed under self-help. I’ll admit I was a skeptical listener at first. ‘Follow Your Dreams’ themes are trending to the point that they can feel cliche.

My skepticism did Ms. Gilbert a disservice (or, maybe I’m more of a self-help junkie than I want to admit). Her interview proved relevant to me as I find a way to make sewing part of my everyday life. I took two gems from her talk. Continue reading

A Hand-Me-Down Dress With Alterations

This dress was a hand-me-down quite different from anything I had worn previously. This cute, flirty dress had a lot of potential but needed some alterations to fit my body.

First, there was the problem of lining: it had none. Lining isn’t absolutely necessary but this dress was see-through and not in a cute, sexy way. Lacking lining, the dress also didn’t hold its shape very well. Lastly, the dress was a little big around the hips and the whole bust just didn’t sit it the right place. Continue reading