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How to Sew Buttonholes on a Mechanical Sewing Machine (Necchi 3537) With Pictures

I once overheard a woman in a fabric talk saying that she’d never buy one of those books for ‘complete idiots’ because that’s a horrible thing to say about yourself. Initially, I laughed (silently) at her sincerity about the perceived self-destructive nature of idiots guides. Now I think she may have had a point. I won’t call this ‘buttonholes for idiots or dummies, or any other derogatory name. I’m thinking ‘buttonholes for the sophisticated sewist who can’t quite figure them out.’ Continue reading

A Sewing Class: Grainline Studio’s Archer Shirt

Some people can say with confidence that they are self-taught sewists. They picked up patterns and sewing books and experimented; eventually, they learned to sew beautiful, well fitting garments.

Not so for me. Continue reading