Photograph by Kristin Schultz. The dress came from my sister's get-rid-of pile: I took it apart and resewed it with lining and a few size alterations.

Photograph by Kristin Schultz of Authentic Moments Photography

I am a Portland, OR based sewist. I’ve sewn since late elementary school; however, I could never quite get things to turn out the way I wanted (you know how it is when people asked you if you made your outfit and it’s not exactly a complement?) In 2009, I was browsing in a fabric store and fell into conversation with a professional level seamstress. After talking for a while, I asked if she would be willing to teach me to sew. She graciously took pity on me and walked me through the store helping me pick material for a dress. For the next few years, she led me through many projects and eventually, I gained the confidence to cut into a piece of fabric on my own. In 2012, I decided that sewing needed to be a priority in my life: I rearranged my 500 square foot apartment (shared with my husband, pet frog and recently added a newborn son) and set up a sewing space.

Why is my blog called The Sewing Phoenix? My particular interest is in renovating and upcycling old or used fabrics. Like the phoenix of ancient mythology, I would like to raise new garments out of the ashes of discarded materials.

A special thanks goes out to a woman I’ve never met. Jan, a friend of a friend, passed along the idea for the title. I’m notoriously bad with titles and sent out an email to a bunch of friends to help and a friend of one of those friends offered this idea. Thank you also to my mom and Sharon A. for teaching me to sew.

Want to get in touch and talk sewing? I’m happy to hear from real, human people.

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