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A Postpartum Summer Shirt

Believe it or not, I’ve been sewing – one project per month. Life and schedules have changed but I’ve tried to maintain a commitment to one nap time spent sewing each week.

I completed the Washi Top last autumn. Just in time for a wet, cold winter and a spring that wouldn’t truly start until May.

With a winter that occasionally looked like this, I mostly wore sweaters and scarves.

It warmed up enough to wear this shirt as I entered my 8th month of pregnancy. The Washi shirt has an empire waist and shirring in the back so it fit my pregnant body.

The fabric I chose requires ironing but there’s no way I’m getting around to that. Next time, I’ll look for low maintenance fabric.

This blouse fit for most of my pregnancy (until the last few weeks) and fits my postpartum body as well. The postpartum phase is a good time for pretty fabrics and empire waists that work with my evolving body. It was easy for me to appreciate my pregnant body but I’m still learning to be with the sagging body that remains after the baby is born. 

I made the most interesting mistake yet while sewing this shirt. I accidentally sewed a hair clip into the lining. When I first tried on the finished shirt, the fit in the bodice was really weird. I was momentarily discouraged then I realized the hair clip was sandwiched inside.

It took time to make this mistake because I was hand sewing the lining. I’m really not sure how the hair clip stayed put through the process but it did. It has since been removed and the fit is much improved. 

Note: I have linked to the Washi pattern because I think it’s a great pattern. At the date of this posting, I do not receive any financial benefit from my links.





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