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On the 4th Day of Christmas (One of) My Love(s) Gave to Me – a Cold

So, I decided to spend nap time remembering the time I cut up my family’s clothes to make them Christmas gifts.

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A Linguistic, Antropological Study of “Goin Out’ for the Nerd in All of Us

In my work as a freelance anthropologist (yes, I just gave myself that title), I’ve discovered an interesting phenomenon that people refer to as ‘goin out’.

**Note: it’s a social blunder to pronounce the ‘g’ at the end of ‘going’ when using the word in this context. You’ll be ousted as a person-who-doesn’t-get-out-much. It’s probably also a blunder to use blunder. You’ll immediately be identified as someone who is clearly not with it. ** Continue reading

Closing Down The Shelter For Unwanted Fabric

For years, I’ve stockpiled fabrics. Buying yards of fabric for learning experiences is expensive so I made my home a shelter for all the unwanted fabric in the world. I scavenged unwanted boxes of fabric and any large pieces were welcome. Currently, three large plastic tubs of fabric occupy precious real estate in my 500 square foot home. Continue reading

Fending Off My Inner Hoarder One Project At A Time

It took a few moments but I realized I have a problem when these threadbare, stained shorts felt like a treasure I couldn’t destroy. Continue reading

Tedious Creativity and a T-Shirt Quilt

This past week I heard Elizabeth Gilbert on OPB discussing her latest book, Big Magic. The book is a composite of her advice for creative living and  will be filed under self-help. I’ll admit I was a skeptical listener at first. ‘Follow Your Dreams’ themes are trending to the point that they can feel cliche.

My skepticism did Ms. Gilbert a disservice (or, maybe I’m more of a self-help junkie than I want to admit). Her interview proved relevant to me as I find a way to make sewing part of my everyday life. I took two gems from her talk. Continue reading