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Closing Down The Shelter For Unwanted Fabric

For years, I’ve stockpiled fabrics. Buying yards of fabric for learning experiences is expensive so I made my home a shelter for all the unwanted fabric in the world. I scavenged unwanted boxes of fabric and any large pieces were welcome. Currently, three large plastic tubs of fabric occupy precious real estate in my 500 square foot home. Continue reading

The Domestic Life of a Polka Dot

If you’re having a sick day and need some reading, definitely read about the history of the polka-dot. I’m not promising sex appeal or anything like that. Revel in the technical language used to describe the mundane. Admit to yourself that you’re vaguely curious about how polka-dots came to be but could never justify taking the time to find out. Continue reading

An Afternoon Project: Revived Throw Pillows

This was a great project for a Saturday afternoon during my 8th month of pregnancy. I was itching to sew and I needed a project that could be completed in an afternoon. My big belly restricted my movement and made leaning over the cutting table to cut out a larger project unfeasible.

Years ago, I made some pillows for my couch. Ok, I didn’t actually make the pillows. I bought pillows and made covers. Continue reading