The Scrap That Became a ‘Granny Mini’

I have loved wearing this skirt! I call it my ‘granny mini’ because this is another project that came from my grandma’s scrap pile. (I don’t actually call my grandma ‘granny’ but this is a mini skirt and the rhyme works). I wanted a short, fitted skirt and I thought the bright purple of the fabric would go well with this pattern.

As ever, I added lining. In the interest of only using what I had on hand, I chose a brown lining leftover from another project. For future projects, I will choose linings that match the fashion fabric better but this worked in a pinch.


This skirt required some altering, especially after I cut out the wrong size. I realized that things weren’t right when I tried to add the waistband: I would have had to wear it up above my belly button to make it fit! I knew this skirt was not meant to be worn that high and I miscalculated when cutting it out.

To fix this, I used bias tape to hem the top of the dress and skipped the waistband altogether.


One funny little mistake I made involved the lining. Without thinking, I just used the front piece for the lining because the pattern didn’t call for one. The problem was the front piece has a pocket and the lining would not. have a pocket. After sewing the front darts in the lining I realized my mistake. At that point, I decided simply to sew around the raw edges and leave it be. No one would ever know (except that I am publishing pictures online…)



The inside of the skirt is certainly not my ideal but when turned right side out, this skirt is a lot of fun.

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