On the 4th Day of Christmas (One of) My Love(s) Gave to Me – a Cold

So, I decided to spend nap time remembering the time I cut up my family’s clothes to make them Christmas gifts.

That was the year I thought ahead and still managed to get Christmas gifts out late. The decision to make Christmas gifts coincided with my first trimester of pregnancy and I hadn’t anticipated just how tired and uninspired I would be.

I asked family members to give me an old piece of clothing that they no longer wear but couldn’t bare to part with. I warned them the garment would be cut up and reshaped. It seemed only fair.

In my pile of scavenged fabrics, I had an old sheet from one of my aunts that became the gift bags.

For the month of December (and January), I embroidered, did simple pattern drafting, and sewed. If you find pattern drafting to be easy, could I borrow your brain? Seriously, the covers were little more than a bag with a drawstring at just the right spot but it required a couple of drafts and plenty of seam ripping.

In the end, I had 5 water bottle covers. Stuffed inside each of these is a hot water bottle for aches, pains, or general comfort in the cold. The water bottles themselves are recyclable which makes my green heart happy.

From left to right, a sweatshirt, sweatpants, pajamas, and the last was scrap material that had been hanging around for years.

I have tinge of sadness looking at these. I brought this project with me while I visited one of my aunts who was going through chemo. She was a creative, talented woman and she helped me a bit with the embroidery. She’s no longer with us but she left behind a rich legacy of handmade gifts.

The Duke sweater was not a scrap – it was a child sized sweatshirt ordered online. Now, Duke insists on sending me a catalog every year and I can’t figure out how to get off their mailing list.

What are your favorite Christmas projects?

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