An Afternoon Project: Revived Throw Pillows

This was a great project for a Saturday afternoon during my 8th month of pregnancy. I was itching to sew and I needed a project that could be completed in an afternoon. My big belly restricted my movement and made leaning over the cutting table to cut out a larger project unfeasible.

Years ago, I made some pillows for my couch. Ok, I didn’t actually make the pillows. I bought pillows and made covers.

I tried an envelope closure but my measurements were off and the back of the case didn’t close completely.

Envelope Dis-enclosure

Envelope Dis-enclosure

After a few years, the pillows wore down and looked shabby. Knowing that we were adding a little person to the family, I also wanted the throw pillows to have an extra layer of protection against spills, spit-up and drool. The thought of wet, sticky fluids soaking into the pillows grosses me out!



When I found myself with an extra hour and an urge to sew, I decided to make inner covers for those pillows. I pulled out a large scrap of plain white fabric bought years ago for some forgotten project. It was a simple matter of cutting squares and stitching them together.


The fabric frayed easily so I went over the raw edges with a fancy stitch.


No one was going to be flipping my pillows over and peeking inside to see if I had an inner cover. For me, the whole process was satisfying. I enjoyed using materials that I had on hand to do a simple, practical task.

I didn’t have the creative energy to take on a complicated project. These throw pillows satisfied my need to sew and be creative without taking on a long and involved project.



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