The Scavenged Peacock Dress

My next project after this blouse was, what I like to call, the “Peacock Dress” because the fabric reminds me of peacock feathers. I thought the long lines of the fabric would make a lovely fitted dress.

This Simplicity 9620 pattern was tucked away in my pattern box and the pattern/fabric combination had promise. The dress is designed to be pulled over your head which requires a very loose fit (I am guessing that the dress modeled on the pattern jacket is cinched in the back to create a more fitted look).

I’m slightly obsessive about lining clothes that I make – something I learned from my teacher. For this dress, I chose a cotton lining that has a good feel but clings to tights.


I also added a side zipper so I wouldn’t need to pull it over my head and could get a closer fit.


One silly mistake I made that I didn’t notice until after I had sewn the dress: I sewed the darts on the wrong side of the fabric! However, they didn’t end up being all that noticeable so I left them as they were.


This ended up being a nice business casual dress when partnered with boots and a long necklace.

As ever, it was a learning experience. I learned that:

  1. A dress that is made to be pulled over requires a lot of altering to become fitted: I need more skills in altering (or just a different pattern) to get the fit that I want for this type of dress.
  2. Make sure that the lining won’t stick to the fashion fabric. This has occasionally caused problems. I am much more picky about lining fabrics and often use a silk for lining.

I ended up with a dress that I enjoy wearing with boots and a long necklace.

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