The Domestic Life of a Polka Dot

If you’re having a sick day and need some reading, definitely read about the history of the polka-dot. I’m not promising sex appeal or anything like that. Revel in the technical language used to describe the mundane. Admit to yourself that you’re vaguely curious about how polka-dots came to be but could never justify taking the time to find out.

A few years back, polka-dots started making an appearance in the world of fashion. I tend to run a few years behind in fashion and that held true for my perception of polka dots. A few years ago, jeans with polka dots bleached into them appeared on my Pinterest page under the category ‘Things that make me laugh.’

Now, I love polka-dots. I’m not sure if they’re still in style. I love white polka-dots on a red print. The bright bold color contrast attracts my eyes. If I have to do dishes, I might as well do them while wearing a red polka dot apron.

I’ve made this apron twice over the last 2 years. The second time around, I focused on the details – making each seam look clean, being careful of the top-stitching. It’s not a difficult pattern but I wanted to focus on the details to make it beautiful up close.

For a perfect 90 degree angle, I penciled in the sewing line so I’d know when to pivot.

Neck Facing - Perfect Point 2

The 2nd time around, I discovered wash-away tape and that made the process so much easier. The neck strap needs to be sewn in at a consistent angle on both sides and the tape secures it better than pins.

Apron - tape

I don’t always draw the stitch line on my fabric but I needed the side seam to line up perfectly with the ties. So I drew in the 5/8 inch stitch line.

Apron/Hemming Side Seam 3

Then I ironed the fabric in place for a crisp seam.

Apron/Hemming Side Seam - Iron PressI also added a picket. At this point, I was running out of material so I had to cut from two separate places. The rectangular piece became a cuff of sorts to make the pocket a little deeper

Apron - pocket and cuff


I’m not the most detail oriented person however I enjoyed taking the extra steps on this to try to make each piece beautiful. It was a gift so when I *finally* finished I rushed it to the mail… before I took pictures of the final product.

Gah! What pictures do I use for the blog post???

Not to worry. I have my old, torn, stained apron that I made a couple of years back. The quilting fabric doesn’t age well when used for kitchen work.

Apron - finished DSCN0942

Thank you to  white polka dots on a bright red background for adding a splash of color to ordinary days. What are your favorite wardrobe pieces for the daily grind?

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