The Paisley Pencil Skirt

When I found this fabric in my grandma’s scrap pile, I saw a pencil skirt in my mind’s eye. It would be chic and professional.

I don’t usually wear this style of fabric or these colors. In fact, I’ve never seen a fabric pattern like this in stores. Maybe it’s there but I haven’t seen it.

I thought the long lines of the fabric would work well as a fitted skirt. As ever, I lined the skirt. This time around, I knew to pick a silky fabric for the lining and make sure the colors match (which was easy in this case – black lining). The lining doesn’t stick to leggings or tights when I wear it in cooler weather.


The scrap of material was just a touch small so I had to cut the skirt shorter than I liked. In order to preserve length, I used hem tape for the bottom of the skirt. This also hid the raw edges and kept the inside looking sharp. I like my projects to be beautiful inside and out!


One of the reasons I enjoy wearing this skirt is lot came together in this project. I managed to pick a good lining, the zipper was properly placed, and I cut out the right size.

The one thing I would change: I would pick a better quality lining. This is a cheap, synthetic lining that very

I still need to find (or make) a perfect blouse for this skirt. This generic black sleeveless works in a pinch. I figure with some hoop earrings and bright red lipstick, the ensemble works.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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